FFMTT : DJ Stoxx 50 of 02.09.2005
Financial Instrument Value
Instrument NameDJ Stoxx 50
Signal Value
Quotes Used Value
Quote File Used/opt/TrendTimer/data/DJSTOXX_20050902.csv
# of Quotes1409
File first date03.01.2000
File first quote4'735.00
File last date01.09.2005
File last quote3'135.18
First data considered25.05.2000
First data considered4'825.00
Min. Quote date12.03.2003
Min. Quote value1'909.05
Max Quote date04.09.2000
Max Quote value5'198.00
Operations Statistics Value
# Generated operations6
Avg # op. by year1.70
# Days1267
# Days in years3.52
Biggest loose (Long only) -2.72
Results on the Period Value
Buy and Hold-33.79
Model Buy and Hold-13.96
Model Long Onlyc+26.08
Model Short Only+31.76
Model Long and Short+66.13
Results Annualized Value
Buy and Hold-9.60
Model Buy and Hold-3.97
Model Long Only+7.41
Model Short Only+9.02
Model Long and Short+18.79
Model OverPerf vs Model Buy and Hold Value
Model Long vs Model Buy and Hold +11.38
Model Short vs Model Buy and Hold +12.99
Model Long and Short vs Model Buy and Hold +22.76
Model OverPerf vs Buy and Hold Value
Model Long vs Buy and Hold +17.01
Model Short vs Buy and Hold +18.62
Model Long and Short vs Buy and Hold +28.39
Program NameTrendTimer v0.99
Java Version1.5.0_02
OS NameLinux
OS Version2.6.12-1.1398_FC4
Calculation Time (Ms)2190
Tech Id129970
XML output fileFFMTT_DJSTOXX_20050902.xml
Web Roothttp://www.financial-market-trend-timing.com/
Complete Xml URLhttp://www.financial-market-trend-timing.com/xml/FFMTT_DJSTOXX_20050902.xml
Complete Html URLhttp://www.financial-market-trend-timing.com/html/FFMTT_DJSTOXX_20050902.html
# Warnings found0
Generated on02.09.2005 21:03:06
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Generated Operations
NatureDate # Days previous op. Quote Result previous op.
Generated Operations Chart
A chart image that demonstrates the model buy and sell operations